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QSL Solutions: a Business Improvement Facilitation company based in North Wales

Business Improvement Facilitation uses lean enterprise, six-sigma principles and common-sense to help companies understand the root-cause of their weaknesses; furthermore it is about helping them fix their problems. Diagnosis before prescription and dealing in data are the key tenets.

BIF is NOT about a series of lectures or formulaic proposals. It is about listening to you to understand your issues  and then working with you to develop and deliver a strategic improvement plan.

Dr. Ashley Darby, Managing Director, has been practicing lean enterprise and six-sigma since 2000. With a wealth of experience in automotive, plastics, ceramics and general engineering businesses he has always sought improvements in transactional as well as operational processes. Follow Ashley on LinkedIn

Contact us for an initial discovery:

e: ashley.darby@qsl-solutions.co.uk

m: 07715 359125

Directors: Ashley Darby & Alison Darby